Best Seo Friendly Blogger Templates 2022 – New Top Best


You cannot make your blog or website successful when it comes to getting organic traffic if your Blogspot theme is not perfectly optimized for SEO and thus there comes the need for using only SEO Ready Themes on your blog. In order to receive more organic traffic on your blog, you need to beat your competitors. It’s known that every blog owner wants to rank on top in search engines to gain more and more traffic so your blog needs to be the best in the eyes of search engines so that they can rank you on top. For this, your blog must be optimized in a way that search engines love and can easily crawl and understand your website and its content.

Themes that are built taking these aspects into consideration are termed as SEO Ready. All the themes shared under this section are built by expert developers having ample knowledge of the latest SEO tricks and techniques. In addition to this, we have made it sure to promote only those templates that are perfect and already tested by us.

List of the best blogger templates

1. Ezzy Blogger Template

Ezzy Blogger Template

It is compatible with all devices like Mobile, Desktop, Mac, and others. The theme has a minimalistic design and structure which gives this theme an eye-catching look. It has multiple widgets where you can set various gadgets to make your blog more attractive. It has lightweight scripts which make the functions and features of the theme smooth to use. It has two unique functions where you can display your content separately. It has pre-installed meta tags and is also optimized for SEO so it can get a better ranking on all search engines without any issue. This theme is very simple to customize as any newbie can edit this theme with zero effort also you can customize the color combination and features of the theme as per the blog requirement. It also had pre-optimized ads code which helps get the Google Adsense program or any other affiliate program easily. It has various areas where you can display different types of ads and sponsors banners easily. If you are looking for a professional blogger template then this one is best for you. Seo Ready…..

2. Tubify Blogger Template

Tubify Blogger Template

It supports all types of browsers like chrome, firefox, safari, etc. This new theme contains tons of sections where you can display your work or different types of videos in sorted form. This theme has the latest generation of HTML5, and lightweight scripts which makes this theme flexible, and fast in loading. It has pre-coded SEO meta tags which help the website or blog deal with search engines to get good rankings. It supports all the languages which Google approves. This theme is straightforward to operate you can easily change the features and functions of this theme also this theme will look attractive in all the color combinations. It has AdSense-friendly codes which make the blog or website get the Adsense program or any other affiliate program easily. As it is flexible..

3. Landscape Blogger Template

Landscape Blogger Template

It has an eye-catching UI interface that will make the website or blog different from others. This theme is suitable for niches like Travel, Fashion, Personal blog, and photography. The theme is very fast in loading. It is responsive for all types of devices, like Mobile, Tab, Desktop, etc. It is also compatible with different types of browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and many more. It has the two best features: a full-screen slider and hot posts, which display the content in a professional way. It also has a post-sharing option where readers can promote and share the posts on different social platforms. It comes with pre-installed SEO meta tags, which help the website get a good ranking in all the search engines. This theme is very simple to customize and anyone can modify it as per the niche requirements. The theme supports all the languages that are approved by Google. This blogger template has AdSense-friendly code, which helps the website get Adsense approval as well as the other affiliate programs easily. In this theme, there are various sections where ads and sponsor’s banners can be placed without any issue. Simple, Fast Loading, Responsive, Seo Ready, Adapted From WordPress, Ads Ready, Retina Ready, Social Bookmark Ready.

4. Shoppy Blogger Template

Shoppy Blogger Template

One-page theme specially designed for businesses and for freelancers to showcase their business and work to their clients professionally. It is designed with the new generation of blogger framework which makes this theme user-friendly and attractive in look. This Theme comes with flexible structures and gets easily fits all the screens and user devices like Mobile, Laptop, Mac, Ipad, etc. It has basic editing options which anyone can customize with zero knowledge of code. The theme is fully ads-ready and helps your blog or website to get all the ad affiliate programs including Adsense very easily. The theme has compressed SEO codes that optimize your website to get good rankings on all the available search engines for example Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It has such an eye-catching and responsive look that it will surely seek the attention of your visited readers and give a boost to your website traffic. It is fully compressed with the latest version of Scripts which makes the theme fast loading and smooth in functioning. The post section has a post-sharing option where readers can share your post on all their social platforms easily. To look best in your field Shoppy is the best. Slideshow, Fast Loading, Browser Compatibility, No Sidebars, Business, Business and organization, Portfolio, Photography, Ads Ready, Seo Ready, 1 Right Sidebar, Clean, Magazine, Free Premium, Right Sidebar, Post Thumbnails, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns, Google, AMP.

5. Pixer Blogger Template

Pixer Blogger Template

It has various widgets where you can professionally place your content in a sorted way. The theme is super flexible with all devices like Mobile, Tab, Laptop, Mac, and others. It has pre-installed SEO metatags for a better ranking of the website/blog on all the existing search engines. This theme supports multiple languages approved by google. The theme is easy to use. Also, it contains various customization options where anyone can fully edit the theme as per their requirement. It has AdSense-friendly codes which help the website/blog deal with the AdSense approval program as well as other affiliate programs. it has various custom places where the advertisement can be displayed to the user easily. It also has a social sharing area where users can share the posts on their social handles. The minimal design of the theme will give the users a smooth UI experience.

6. Leafy Blogger Template

Leafy Blogger Template

latest framework and also comes with additional features and functions. In the Leafy theme, you will get to see Slider, Service List Widget, Featured Listings, etc. The theme is very fast-loading in nature as compared to the basil. The leafy theme has the pre-installed Seo meta-tags which are very important to rank the website in different types of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other ones. The theme is very easy to customize as anyone who doesn’t have the coding knowledge also modifies the theme by using our provided documentation. This theme supports all the languages which are approved by google. This theme is specially designed for those who want to showcase their business professionally on the internet. It is fully responsive in nature as well as flexible in all types of user devices like Mobile, Laptop, Tab, MAC, Ipad, and many others. It is also compatible with all types of browsers. You will get an awesome-looking homepage and professional-looking blog in a single structure, Make your blog more than awesome and professional by using the leafy blogger template.

7. Quick Blogger Template

Quick Blogger Template

It is designed using the latest generation of blogger framework. It comes with multiple features like an Automatic Slider, Hot Post section, Counter Widget, and many more. It has multiple post-sharing options where any user can promote it on different social platforms. The theme has the pre-installed Seo meta tags and User-friendly codes. The meta tags are very effective and give the batter ranking on all the search engines. The theme is very flexible in nature as it works on all types of devices for example Mobile, Laptop, MAC, Ipad, and the other ones. It is also compatible and works with flexibility with the browsers. It has multiple sections where you can place ads and your sponsor banner easily. The theme is fully Adsense friendly and also compatible with all types of affiliate programs. It is very easy to customize this theme as anyone with zero knowledge can easily work with it. The theme supports all types of google approved languages. If you have to create a professional in a few simple steps then this theme is perfect for that. Grid, 2 Column, 3 Column, Load More.

8. OneJob Blogger Template

OneJob Blogger Template

simple and clean one-page blogger theme that loads amazingly fast and can be used to create a blog on any niche related to services or operations. Loaded with useful features, it is a fully responsive theme that adapts to any screen size or device and flawlessly manages its design across all browsers, with browser compatibility features. Best suitable for a personal resume, it also can be used for product landing pages, App showcases, web development, agency, schools, institution, charities, agencies, etc.  There are widgets like Review, Team Listings, Contact form, etc that come pre-installed with this template. You will get a professionally designed homepage and amazing-looking blog in a single structure, Make your blog more than awesome by using this template. This theme comes with the color combination of red, black, and white and supports a template customizer for unlimited color support. Fast Loading, Browser Compatibility, No Sidebars, Business, Business and organization, Portfolio, Photography, Seo Ready, Clean, Free Premium, Post Thumbnails, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns Footer, WhatsApp Sharing, Elegant, Red, Black, Google, AMP.